Mistakes To Avoid On The First Date

First Date

First dates are always a mix of excitement and nervousness. The notion of hope is attached to meeting a new person who can be your beloved in the future. However, things can go either way. You may like the person sitting in front of you, and there is an immediate connection, or it could be the worst date of all about which you will tell stories for the generations to come.

I want to minimize the damage on your first date. There are a few rules you can follow to Set the mood of the date right. Most of us fail to understand these basic things and ruin the dates even though it could have been great. Here it goes –

Do not be late

It sets the wrong impression for both the genders if you are late on the first date. It is a sincere gesture to arrive on time or a little early. If you are a man, bring her flowers, a true sign of a gentleman. If you come on time, it means the date matters to you. It will be a good beginning.

Do not talk about an Ex

Talking about the bad past experience will not do any good for you in creating new good experiences. Bringing up your ex on the first date is a wrong move. It will mean that you are not over them yet, and will plainly put the wrong impression. Talk about future, not past.

Checking your phone frequently

I know you can’t live without your phone. But being completely present on the first date is important. If you are looking at your phone constantly, it will send the message that you are bored with this date, which will kill the entire mood of the evening.

Talking about the ideal partner

If you are putting up signs of dealbreakers, that’s the worst way to be on a first date. In truth, the chances you meeting your ideal partner are slim, and you must learn to appreciate people on who they genuinely are. If you don’t vibe with the date, just don’t go on a second date. Pretention will only waste everyone’s time.

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