5 Reasons You Should Have Great Sex Daily

Here’s why you must have sex daily.

Sex is great for so many reasons, but did you know there are actual benefits to getting down and dirty on a daily basis.

While a lot of people may not feel they have the schedule for daily romps between the sheets, the benefits will certainly surpass you going into work a little late the next morning. Below are some great physical and emotional excuses to start climaxing on the daily.

1. It Brings You Closer To Each Other

Partners tend to get frustrated with one another when they aren’t having enough sex. There’s a reason we feel an exaggerated form of love after sex, and it’s more than just the oxytocin effect. Sex connects partners. It creates a bond of intimacy that stretches beyond simply having an orgasm.

2. Really Good For Your Heart

While this sounds like a great line to use on your significant other, it’s actually true! One study showed that men who had sex two times a week or more were less likely to die of heart disease. Sex is good for your heart rate and overall cardiovascular health.

3. It’s An Excellent Form Of Exercise

Sex is still a great form of exercise if done every day. To really boost calories burned during the dirty, try challenging new positions such as The Kneel *sitting in front of one another on your knees*, standing up, or The Shoulder *putting your legs straight into the air over his shoulders while he holds up your butt.

4. Ideal For Period Cramps

When you’re cramped, bloated, and bleeding, odds are you aren’t feeling too sexy, but consider this: many women are also super horny during this time of the month, and having an orgasm can actually reduce period cramps. This can be due to the muscle contractions involved with climaxing, or pure mental distractions due to all those pleasurable feelings.

5. Makes You Sleep Like A Baby

Having great sex notoriously results in having relaxed sleep due to the release of the prolactin hormone in your body. If you want the certainty of great sleep every night before bed, make sure you set aside some pre-bedtime loving.

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